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Fri, Jun. 22, 2012 - [Clay Target Shooting]

Coach Cawthon took some time last week to introduce the EC family to our newest sports program in the Springs: Clay Target Shooting!  See all the exciting news about this sport below.
Can you give us a brief overview of clay target shooting?  Olympic sport?  What other schools have teams?
Modern clay target shooting can take many forms: Trap, Skeet and Sporting Clays are the three main variations.  Olympic Skeet and Olympic Trap or Bunker Trap have slightly different rules than their American counterparts and use smaller and faster targets!  A young man from Eatonton, GA, Vince Hancock, will be defending his 2008 Gold Medal in Olympic Skeet this summer in London.
As for local teams, Clemson, Presbyterian and USC are close by, as well as ABAC, Florida State, Jacksonville University and the University of North Florida.  I have heard that North Georgia College and Georgia Southern will be starting or re-starting shotgun teams as well.
Where do you expect to find shooters?  Co-ed?  Do most come from hunting or target shooting backgrounds?  Everyone has their own gun/safety equipment?
We plan to hold open try-outs sometime around the start of this school year. I am also contacting a lot of kids that participate in 4-H or SCTP programs. It is a pure co-ed sport, men and women compete side by side.  A good number have hunting backgrounds, but some don't hunt at all.  Most have their own equipment but we can help with that.
Where will EC practice?  Will EC be able to host events?  When is the season?
We will have access to Elbert County Gun Club and also a private range to practice.  I plan to hold at least two separate matches at Elbert County in the Spring Semester. The season basically runs the whole school year which is great for student athletes because it's not as time compressed as some sports.
What excites you about the program?

Number one is having he opportunity to work with college athletes as they strive to do their very best.  Number two is being able to start a program and build it from the ground up.  Lastly, being able to promote the shooting sports among young people.  My hope is that as our program grows, we will be able to involve more and more students in recreational and competition shooting.
Are there any big events planned?
We are tentatively scheduled to have a match with Clemson, Presbyterian, USC, and possibly some Florida schools this fall.  I am also setting a goal of taking some shooters to the ACUI National Championships in San Antonio, TX next March.
How would prospects get in touch with you/tryout for the program?
Any current or prospective student that is interested in our program can contact me directly either through my school e-mail or call my cell number. They can also fill out the form located in the recruiting section of our athletic web site.  As I mentioned, we plan to hold a mini-clinic and open try-outs around the start of the school year.
Anything else the new fans of EC Target Clay Shooting need to know?

We are currently working on plans for our own facility that can be utilized by our students and the community.  Stand by for more information.  There are exciting things going on at Emmanuel College!