Lil Bronze Peach

Franklin Springs, GA---The Lil' Bronze Peach series is the annual athletic competition between Emmanuel College and Southern Wesleyan University.  The series dates back to 2009 and has been claimed by SWU over the first two series of play.  Natural rivals due to geography, like school missions, and long-time competitions...the Lil' Bronze Peach series only adds more tradition to this special set of games each year.  The series was highlighted last fall in the SSAC Showcase television show broadcast on Fox SportsSouth.

The series was created by EC Athletic Director Mike Bona and SWU Athletic Director Chris Williams during a summer golf outing.  The Peach theme to the series comes from the large amount of peaches grown in these two neighboring states.

"We are very excited to be joining in agreement with Southern Wesleyan in creating a friendly rivalry between our two great schools," said Coach Bona.   "We have had a wonderful relationship with Southern Wesleyan over the years and the bond we have of being two Christian colleges that are mission driven has been a real blessing over the years. We are hoping that this competition will help create an even closer bond between us and enhance the Champions of Character outreach of our student-athletes. It would be our desire to eventually have our student-athletes take mission trips together in the summer or even team up to do community outreach. We want the Lil' Bronze Peach to signify our bond as colleges who want to change the world for Christ!"

Points are awarded for regular season contests and the winning school's Athletic Director is presented with the Lil' Bronze Peach trophy by the other Athletic Director at the final chapel service of the school year.

The points are awarded as follows:
Baseball-1.5 points per game (3 games)
Men's Basketball-2 points per game (2 games)
Women's Basketball-2 points per game (2 games)
Men's Soccer-4 points per game (1 game)
Women's Soccer-4 points per game (1 game)
Softball -1 point per game (4 games) 
Women's Volleyball- 2 points per match (2 matches)
In addition to the total points up for grabs on the field and courts, the school that places the higher percentage of their student athletes on the SSAC All-Academic Team will receive an additional 4 points.

2012-13 Lil' Bronze Peach scorecard

Women's Soccer,  EC 5-0 win  (EC 4 points)
Men's Soccer, SWU 3-2 win  (SWU 4 points)
Women's Volleyball, EC 3-1 win and SWU 3-1 win  (EC 2 points, SWU 2 points)
Men's Cross Country, EC Men win  (EC 4 points)
Women's Cross Country, SWU win (SWU 4 points)

Women's Basketball, EC 66-52 win and EC 57-54 win  (EC 4 points)
Men's Basketball, EC 67-54 win and EC 70-59 win  (EC 4 points)

Softball, EC 4-0 win and SWU 3-0 win, 3-1 win, 8-4 win  (EC 1 point, SWU 3 points)
Baseball, EC 8-7 win, 7-1 win and SWU 7-0 win  (EC 3 points, SWU 1.5 points)
Men's Golf, Split  (EC 2 points, SWU 2 points)

School with the highest percentage of athletes on the SSAC All-Academic team.
Academic points go to EC  (4 points)

Final Totals:
EC 28
SWU 16.5