Lions remains undefeated after a victory over Knights!

Lions remains undefeated after a victory over Knights!

FRANKLIN SPRINGS- The Emmanuel Lions continue on their road of success defeating Middle Georgia College. Early on, both teams traded baskets as the score remained close. The lions were able to work the ball as Steve Guinchard was able to capitalize with several three's. The knights kept the game close by having several turn- overs.The team got a big boost from outside shooting of Austin Farrow and power-plays from Kurtis Robinson and Zach Vess. The Lions closed out the first half 51-33. 

In the second half, the Lions came out strong with multiple buckets to extend their lead. Kurtis Robinson continued to be hot as he found Emerson McClung for the assists. The Lions continued to capitalize on offense, extending their lead to 20 points.

From there the Knight's, tried to get their way back into the game, but the Lions continued to fire away. The momentum of the game remained high as Emerson McClung and Nathan Williams both limited the Knight's shooting opportunities. By creating some turn- overs and pressure defense, the Lions were able to shut down the Knight's to a 90-66 win.

Next up, the Lions will play the Hurricane's at Georgia Southwestern University, tip off is set for 11 a.m. on Monday. 


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