Lions Soccer Lose Tough Battle in First Conference Game

Lions Soccer Lose Tough Battle in First Conference Game

Franklin Springs, GA – The Emmanuel Men's soccer team fell 2-3 in a very dramatic and intense first home Conference game against King University today. The Lions started the first half with clear shots and forcing the Tornadoes to feel the pressure. The team worked together and scored their first conference goal shortly before the end of the first half. The goal was a spectacular one and was scored by junior forward, Nick Miller who was assisted by Danny Cameron. The team rolled with this momentum and came out into the second half handling the ball well. 

The second goal was scored a minute into the half by sophomore, Danny Cameron who was given the ball by midfielder, Deibyd Contreras. However, after this goal the Lions let their guard drop slightly, and the Tornadoes were able to score their first goal on a penalty kick by Ryan Murphy. Frustrated by this, the Men's soccer team stepped up their game, but unfortunately it started to rain, and the game was put on hold for thirty minutes. 

The Tornadoes used this rain delay to their advantage, staying mentally strong, and scored a goal right after the rain delay. It was now 2-2, and the atmosphere was intense with both teams fighting for the ball, and trying to score. It looked like the game was going to tie, but unluckily in the last two minutes of the game, the Tornadoes scored the final goal of the game. The Emmanuel goalie did incredibly well and saved a combined total of 12 saves throughout the game, with the Lions also having 5 shots of goal.

 The Lions put up a great fight this afternoon and it was a hard and tough loss, but they will take to the field again at North Georgia University at 5:00PM on Wednesday, 14th September. 

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