Lions Fall to Pfeiffer in Five Set Thriller

Lions Fall to Pfeiffer in Five Set Thriller

After previously losing to Pfeiffer, the Lions went into set one with a lot of aggression. The Falcons took the lead and held onto it up until the last few points. Some big kills from Steven Peruyero gave the lions an extra boost of confidence and helped them come back to close out a tight set 26-24.


Set two started well for the Lions as they carried that same confidence into it. Down a couple points, Pfeiffer resorted to some heavy hitting to take back the lead. The set continued with both teams consistently siding out. Towards the end of the set Pfeiffer showed a dominate performance at the net and closed out set two 25-18.


Now tied 1-1, the teams headed into set number three. 


Emmanuel wasted no time in set three, creating a 10-4 lead. After a much needed timeout, Pfeiffer came back in refocused and got back within 1 point of the Lions. It was another exciting set as both teams had impressive plays and kept a high intensity. An ace from Caleb Bonaventure got Emmanuel to the 20 point mark before Pfeiffer for the first time this match. A couple points later another ace came from Gilberto Cervantes. The Falcons continued to fight, however, and remained close behind. The Lions ended set three with a kill from Caleb Bonaventure.


Set four was yet again filled with excitement with both teams delivering. Pfeiffer started ahead until point number 20 went Emmanuel tied it up. A kill from Alex Barbosa put the Lions in the lead but Pfeiffer returned with a kill of their own. After a couple more points of siding out, a kill from Gilberto Cervantes put the Lions In position to finish off the match. Unshaken, however, the Falcons recovered from the deficit, then an error from the Lions gave the 4th set to Pfeiffer 26-24.


The fifth and final set started off in favor of Pfeiffer. Down 4-2, the Lions called a timeout. After the timeout the Falcons continued to widen the gap. At 8-4, a service error from Pfeiffer gave the Lions an opportunity to come back then a couple kills from Alex Barbosa put the Lions within one point. The Lions would then go on to tie up the score 11-11. Pfeiffer then pulled away 14-12 for the match point. Emmanuel got the next point to put the score at 14-13. In one of the most crucial serve moments of the night, Luke fountain served an ace to tie the score 14-14. Another timeout was called this time by Pfeiffer. After the timeout Luke Fountain had a missed serve and the Falcons were once again at match point. An error from the Lions would then close out the match, allowing Pfeiffer to win. The scores were 24-26, 25-18, 22-25, 26-24, 16-14.

The Lions were led by Alex Barbosa with 25 kills and Meshach Mcknight with 22 digs.

This loss puts Emmanuel at 4-9 overall and 2-9 in conference. The Lions will continue action Saturday, Feb. 27 as they take on Bryan College. This will be the second time this season these teams meet, Emmauel previously defeated them 3-0.