EC Sweeps Royals in Home Match!

EC Sweeps Royals in Home Match!

Franklin Springs, GA – The Emmanuel Lions Women's Tennis Team took the Johnson University Royals in a non-conference home event this afternoon.

The Doubles matches kicked off with Emmanuel ahead on the scoreboard on every single court. The Lady Lions were not looking to give any chances to the visitors with the #2 Morris/Kiderlen and #3 duo, Muesse/Kirby, rapidly dispatching their opponents by 8-0. The top seeded doubles team also faced little to no problems by taking the third win, 8-2, for the Lions.

With a 3-0 lead, the singles play started with Fantine Botella capturing the fourth point for the home team by defeating Olivia Yates by 6-0 6-0. On the very next court, #3 Katharina Kiderlen moved Sarah Burns around the court for a quick 6-0 6-0 win. The #5 Abi Muesse helped the Lions to earn their sixth point of the day by defeating Camille Hyatt by a double 6-0. Next on court, the Freshman #2 Pearllan Cipriano got another win for the Lions by 8-0. At #4 Kaylee Kirby kept the momentum for EC with a 8-1 win. #6 Somalia Lewis finished the sweep for the Lions with an 8-1 win.


This is the second 9-0 win for the Women's Tennis team this season, but the first one at home.


The EC Lions will play once again at home in a conference match against Converse College. First serve is set to 1PM!


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