Lady Lions Fall to Wofford

Lady Lions Fall to Wofford

Spartanburg, SC – The Emmanuel College Women's Tennis Team traveled to Wofford College this Saturday for the first time to play NCAA D1 program Match. Tough matches were played by the women vs the D1 school. They showed a good consistency on the back of the court with a solid game.





#1 Hicks/Karas def. Fantine Botella/Chloe O'Connor 6-0

#2 Reid/Martin def. Katharina Kiderlen/Maria Raich 6-2

#3 Carlson/Carrer def. Pearllan Cipriano/Abi Muesse 6-2



#1 Catherine Martin def. Fantine Botella 6-2 6-2

#2 Cassidy Hicks def. Pearllan Cipriano 6-3 6-3

#3 Kalli Karas def. Maria Raich 6-1 6-1

#4 Lauren Reid def. Chloe O'Connor 6-2 6-2

#5 Taylor Carlson def. Katharina Kiderlen 6-0 6-0

#6 Curian Carrer def. Abi Muesse 6-1 6-0


The lions will play against Catawba College for their next match.

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