Lady Lions Fall to NCAA D-I Bulldogs

Lady Lions Fall to NCAA D-I Bulldogs

Franklin Springs, GA – The Emmanuel College Women's Tennis Team played at home vs UNC - Asheville, a NCAA D-I institution, this Sunday. Without feeling the pressure of facing a upper level opponent, the Lady Lions kicked off strong at doubles #1, opening a solid 3-0 lead. The Botella/O'Connor duo used a combination of solid well placed returns and fast attacks at the net to get the lead but they saw their opponents coming back to the match to close out the set 6-4. At the same time, the #2 doubles Raich/Kiderlen faced and opposite scenario, by starting the match down 4-1, but slowly, they earned enough confidence to get a 5-5 tie before the #3 doubles Cipriano/Silva fell by 6-2.

On singles play the bulldogs controlled better the situation and clinched the match by capturing wins at #3, #5, and #6.

The Lady Lions #1 Fantine Botella was playing a very good match using her aggressive game style off the baseline to earn the first set and have a break lead on the second before the match was suspended. On court #2 the sophomore Pearllan Cirpriano dropped the first 6-4 but earned a 2-break lead before the match was halted at 5-2. In a similar situation, the Freshman at #4 Victoria Silva was also leading the second set but she was not able to finish her match.

With not a lot of rest, the Lady Lions will be back in action this Thursday for their first conference Carolinas event of the season when they travel to Erskine College. Match is scheduled for 2PM!


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