Lady Lions Wrestling Fall to Life University In Dual Meet

Lady Lions Wrestling Fall to Life University In Dual Meet

Yesterday the Lady Lions wrestling team had a dual match with Life University falling 19-28. Coach Davis had this to say about their performance, "We wrestled good in a hostile environment at Life. We are starting to get better at some of the mistakes that we have corrected but as a young team we are getting into situations that we haven't been in and making different mistakes, we have got to try and minimize those mistakes. We had a few girls out of our lineup and the girls stepped up and wrestled hard for the team. In dual meets its all about how the team as a whole preforms each person has to go out and do their job so that the team has a shot to win the dual and we didn't get that done tonight."

# 21 Emmanuel-19  VS.   #12 Life-28

101   Alyssa Martinez LU       Forfeit            EC                   Life leads     Life-5      Emmanuel-0

109   Maria Vidales EC   Dec.   Nikki Weidman LU   12-4      Life leads     Life-6      Emmanuel-3

116   Alanda Nguyen LU   Dec.  Iesha Washington EC   8-1  Life leads    Life-9      Emmanuel-4       

123   Kayla Mesar LU      Fall    Cindy Claxto EC   1:48         Life leads     Life-14   Emmanuel-4

130   Charline Hagemaster EC    Fall    Aysia Cortez LU    4:54   Life leads    Life-14   Emmanuel-9

136   Sadie Tackett EC      Fall   Tymeria Gravett LU           5:06        Tied    Life-14   Emmanuel-14

143   Destiny Robinson-Crawl LU   Fall   Krista Martin EC   2:31  Life leads  Life-19   Emmanuel-14

155   Maria Diaz LU      Dec.    Mia Leon EC    10-3      Life leads                 Life-22   Emmanuel-15

170   Nadine Fiege LU     Fall       Sara Kouba EC     :12           Life leads     Life-27   Emmanuel-15

191   Kayla Wade EC             Tech       Kelly Swanson   14-4     Life Wins  Life-28   Emmanuel-19


The Women's Wrestling team will be back in action next week at the Patriot Dual Tournament onNovember 11th.

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