Student Athlete Advisory Council (SAAC)


Mission Statement

The mission of the Emmanuel College Student-Athlete Advisory Committee is to enhance the total student-athlete experience by promoting opportunity, protecting student-athlete welfare, communicating ideas to the Athletic Department administration, heightening community outreach initiatives, and fostering a positive student-athlete image


Advisor- Inga Kurgonaite
Chair- Tara Larson
Secretary- Alexis Costlow
Chaplain- Mia McKensey



Abbie Duckett W. Soccer
Abi Muesse W. Tennis
Adrian Aleksandrowicz M. Swimming
Alexis Costlow Softball
Andrew Reichenbach M. Swimming
Ashley George W. Track & Field
Avery Scarbrough W. Basketball
Caleb Bonaventure M. Volleyball
Channing Park M. Soccer
Charity Williams  W. Cross Country 
Chloe O'Connor W. Tennis
Claire Estrada W.Archery 
Cooper Murphy Baseball
Dikerrio Ramsey M. Track & Field
Elizabeth  O'Brien W. Bowling
Emery Cline M. Wrestling
Enrique Alcacer M. Tennis
Grace Draughn W. Golf
Haley Rushing W. Clay Target
Jack Fitspatrick M. Basketball
Jeremy Gwaltney M. Soccer
Joshua Davis M. Tennis
Juan Soto M. Cross Country
Julie de Blanck W. Volleyball
Krista Martin W. Wrestling
Logan Reese M. Golf
Mia Leon W. Wrestling
Mia Mckensey W. Volleyball
Michaela Dove W.Archery
Mikayla Trombley W.Basketball
Morgan Harkness W. Swimming
Natalie Stevenson W. Soccer
Roman Tavani M. Lacrosse  
Samantha Farrow W. Bowling
Samantha Metzger W. Lacrosse
Santiago Aguilar M. Swimming
Sarah Curtright W. Swimming
Tara Larson W. Lacrosse
Tyler Machado M. Lacrosse  
Zach Wells Baseball



Emmanuel College SAAC Bylaws

EC SAAC Strategic Plan & Initiatives


National SAAC Website

History of the SAAC