Round One for Men's Basketball at Tarleton State

Round One for Men's Basketball at Tarleton State

Stephenville, TX- The Emmanuel Men's Varsity Basketball Team took on Texas A&M-Commerce in the tournament at Tarleton. The Lions played well tonight, but did not win their first game with the final score being 74-85. The Lions saw most of the points scored by McClung, Collins, and Lillie.

Within the first two minutes of the game, Kendrick Colvin put up his first two points of the night. Then came Austin Greene with his first 3-pointer of the night. Followed by Kendrick Colvin with the second 3-pointer of the game. The Lions now led Tex. A&M-Commerce 8-6. The lead did not last long, but in pursuit to regain the lead Colton Collins made his first 3-pointer of the night. Zach Vess came through with a free throw to tie the game 17-17. Zach Lillie scored once to gain the lead 19-17, but Texas A&M-Commerce came back. Then, Zach Vess came through with another jump shot to regain the lead, but Texas A&M-Commerce came back yet again. The Lions finally broke through and gained the lead. Shots were made by Emerson McClung, Colton Collins, and Kendrick Colvin with his second 3-pointer for the night. The Lions kept the lead until the last minute of the half and the half ended with the score 36-40, Lions down by four.

The fans were hoping the Lions would come out on fire the second half, but the Lions were soon trailing by ten points. Zach Lillie scored the first two points with his layup, now bringing the score 38-46. The Lions soon came back only trailing by five points thanks to Emerson McClung and his free throw. Emerson McClung showed good defense tonight and scored two more points so the Lions were only down by eight. Zach Vess and Emerson McClung came through again bridging the gap a little more, so the Lions were only down by four points, score being 47-51. Austin Greene made his second 3-pointer of the night and Zach Lillie soon followed with his first 3-pointer of the night. The score was now 56-64, Lions down by eight points with lots of back and forth action between the two teams. To hype things up, Kendrick Colvin came through with his first, and the only, dunk of the night. Colton Collins scored his second 3-pointer of the night bringing the score 65-70. The Lions played a good game tonight, but Texas A&M-Commerce had great defense. Minimal scoring happened during the last five minutes of the game, but Colton Collins put up his third 3-pointer with 43 seconds left in the game. Unfortunately, the game ended before the Lions could regain the lead. The game ended with the score being 74-85, Lions lost by eleven.

The Men's Varsity Lions now hold a record of 3-2 with a conference record of 1-0. The Lions will play one more time at the tournament at Tarleton State on Saturday Nov. 26th. The game will begin at 7:00 P.M.

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