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Emmanuel College Lions

Lions Tough Loss Against Mt. Olive

Lions Tough Loss Against Mt. Olive

Mount Olive, N.C.- The Emmanuel Men's Basketball Team traveled for a conference game against the Mount Olive Trojans. The guys were not able to pull out a win, but played a good game against the Trojans. The top scorers of tonight's game were Emerson McClung, Zach Vess, and Austin Greene. The most rebounds tonight were grabbed by Ronnie Stanley.

Right off the tip Austin Greene was fouled and came to the line to shoot. He put in both free throws and added the first two points for the Lions. Zach Vess scored the next two points with a layup. Austin Greene came around and stole the ball from the Trojans, passing the ball to Emerson McClung who put up two points. Emerson McClung came through again and added four more points to the board. The Lions were closing in on the Trojans with a layup by Trevor Jain and another steal by Austin Greene leading to a layup by Zach Lillie. Zach Vess was fouled and made one of his free throws. Zach Vess came back and went up for a shot, rebounded it, and then put it through the hoop. Emerson McClung was fouled next and made both of his free throws. Kurtis Robinson snagged a rebound from the Trojans allowing Zach Vess to get the first dunk of the night. To take over the lead, Kurtis Robinson came through with a steal, passing to Colton Collins who put up his first 3-pointer of the game. The Trojans took over the lead by three points, but Ronne Stanley closed out the first half with a layup to bring the final score of the half to 36-37.

Zach Vess started out the second half with a huge block on a shot by the Trojans. The Trojans turned over the ball to the Lions allowing Austin Greene to tie the game up 38-38. The lead went back and forth between the two teams. Ronnie Stanley was fouled after recovering an offensive rebound. He added two points to the board with his free throws. Kurtis Robinson made a layup and Ronnie Stanley put up two points to tie the game back up 48-48. The last few minutes of the game turned into a foul frenzy when Emerson McClung was fouled and made one of his free throws. He was followed by Zach Vess and Austin Greene, who was fouled two times in a row and would add four points to the board. The game ended two minutes later and was a hard, fought game by the Lions. The final score of the game was 58-77.

The Lions now hold an overall record of 10-6, with a conference record of 5-3. They will play their next conference game at Pfeiffer on Monday Jan. 16th. That game will begin at 7:30 P.M.

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