Emmanuel Tennis Teams finish the year Nationally Ranked in the Top 3!

Emmanuel Tennis Teams finish the year Nationally Ranked in the Top 3!

Greenville, SC – The Emmanuel Men's & Women's Tennis teams wrapped up their seasons after competing in the NCCAA National Tournament this past week. While the Lady Lions finished another stellar season, the Men's were able to upset three higher ranked schools in the tournament, making to the final round for the first time in program's history.

Head Coach, Kethan Darbar, commented, "The goal of the season was to face tougher opponents to raise our level. We established that winning and results would come through hard work and dedication not only for the players, but the coaches as well. I believe we were able to set a new standard for the program this year, with new ideas and higher objectives in mind now. The players believe more than ever that we can become even better and that is a great feeling to have, especially for me."

This season was the best in the program's history, not only because the men's team were able to achieve the final at a National Level event, but for the women's team as well, who were able to keep the tradition of keeping the status of one of the top teams in the Conference Carolina's for the second consecutive year.

Coach Darbar added, "we will add more players to the roster for this coming year to increase the competition among the teams and we will also play higher level opponents too. I feel like we are following the right path and it will be interesting to see how high we will be able to fly in this next season!"

The NCCAA Top 10 Rankings are developed by the National Sport Chair and Regional Sport Chairs who represent each region. Regional Sport Chairs develop a ranking for their region. Based on each regional ranking, Regional Sport Chairs then rank teams on a national level. The National Sport Chair then compiles the national ranking based on points from each team's ranking on the Regional Sport Chairs' national ballots.

Both Men's and Women's Teams will have the summer to rest and train, but they will be back on the courts in September to compete at the Palmetto Tennis Championship!

Congratulations to the Emmanuel College Tennis Teams!




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