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Emmanuel College Lions

Men's Tennis Fall to Wofford College In Season Opener

Men's Tennis Fall to Wofford College In Season Opener

SPARTANBURG, S.C.— On Saturday, February 9th the Emmanuel College Men's Tennis Team opened the season against Wofford College a Division 1 school. After a good fight, the Lions lost to the Wofford Bull-Terriers.

During the January pre-season, the EC Tennis team, mostly composed of freshmen, worked really hard and their progress was shown today on the court. Unfortunately, the boys were facing better opponents and did not manage to find solutions. However, the Lions did take many positive points away from their matches. 

The number 3 double composed by Freshmen Juan Camilo Burgos, Colombia and Thembokwakhe Makhanya, South Africa dropped the first double 6/1 after a lot of good points playing at the net by the two freshmen.   

Number 2 double composed by Junior Lucas Hideo Sasaki, Brazil and Jorge Canadas, Spain dropped the second double with a tighter score. After a lot of offensive volleys at the net and consistency from the baseline, the two juniors lost 6/3. 

Number 1 double composed by senior Enrique Alcacer, Spain and junior Juan Carlos Romero, Mexico also had a good battle. After a lot of consistent rallies and a solid game at the net, Alcacer and Romero dropped their double 6/3.  

The Lions were now down 1-0 after the doubles but they kept their head up and were motivated to fight for their singles.  

Romero #1 played well and tried to find solutions against a solid opponent, after a lot of aggressive shots from his rival, Juan Carlos dropped his match 6-2, 6-2.

Freshman Thembokwakhe Makhanya #2 also had a good fight. After dropping the first set 6-2, the freshman finally began to challenge his opponent. But facing a more experienced player, Makhanya was defeated the second set 6-4.

For the junior Lucas Hideo Sasaki, it was a whole different scenario, with a solid mental game and a really good attitude Lucas won his single 6-3, 6-4. 

Playing number 4, freshman Juan Camilo Burgos struggled to find solutions against a solid opponent. Despite his good fight and attitude, Juan Camilo dropped his single 6-2, 6-0. 

Canadas #5 had a tight first set with a lot of consistency from the baseline but it was not enough to defeat his opponent. In the second set, Jorge did not manage to find solutions and dropped his match 6-3, 6-1. 

#6 Enrique Alcacer also faced a really solid opponent. Enrique's consistency from the baseline was not enough to stop all the offensive shots from his opponent. 

The Lions finished the day with a 6-1 loss against Furman. 

Next up, the EC Tennis Team will travel to Hickory, North Carolina on Saturday, February 16th to face Lenoir Rhyne. 

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