Men's Tennis Falls to Lander Bearcats

Men's Tennis Falls to Lander Bearcats

Greenwood, SC. — This Tuesday, March 12th the Emmanuel College Men's Tennis Team opposed the Lander Bearcats #8 in the Nation. Unfortunately, the Lions faced a stronger team and lost 7-0

After two long weeks without matches because of the rain, the EC Lions were finally back on the courts. Their determination and hard work during practice were unfortunately not enough for them today as they were dominated on every court.   

Double #3 composed by freshman Juan Camilo Burgos and Kornel Kimagzewski struggled a lot to impose their game style as they were dominated by their opponent 6-0.

Double #1 played by Juan Carlos Romero and Enrique Alcacer faced the same scenario and did not manage to dominate the points. They lost their double by 6-0.

For double number 2 played by Lucas Sasaki and Jorge Canadas, it was tighter, after being down by 4-1, the juniors came back until 4-3. Unfortunately, because of the really strong serves from their opponent, Canadas and Sasaki did not manage to return well and it cost them the match as they lost 6-3. 

The Lions were now down by 1-0 after the doubles but did not give up and used all their energy for their singles. 

Playing number 1 single was the junior Juan Carlos Romero who had a face a solid opponent. In the first set, Romero struggled to find a solution as he dropped it 6-0. The second set was different, Juan Carlos started to find a solution and was back in the game. Unfortunately, it was not enough, and he dropped his match 6-0 6-3.

Single number 2 was played by freshman Kornel Kimagzewski who also had to face a strong opponent. After using a lot of aggressive shots and patience, Kornel managed to bother his opponent as the first set started tight. But Kimagzewski's opponent used his experience to play a higher level and dominate the Lion. Kornel dropped his match 6-3 6-0. 

Number 4 single played by freshman Juan Camilo Burgos had a similar scenario, after a tight beginning of the match, Burgos managed to find the weakness of his opponent. But it was not enough for today as his opponent managed to dominate him on the score 6-3 6-0. 

The junior Jorge Canadas playing number 5 singles managed to put pressure on his opponent, thanks to a lot of consistency, Canadas had a tight first set. Unfortunately, his opponent managed to turn the situation in his favor and our Lion Jorge Canadas dropped his match 6-4 6-1. 

At number 3 single was the junior Lucas Sasaki who had a tough beginning of the match as he was not able to impose his game style because of his solid opponent. The second set was a bit different as Sasaki found solutions as he used his consistency until 4-4. Unfortunately, Lucas was not able to hold his serve and then dropped the second set. After a good fight, Sasaki lost his match 6-4 6-3. 

Single number 6 played by senior Enrique Alcacer was different than all the other match as Alcacer managed to dominate his opponent the whole time. Using his consistency, Enrique won the first set on the score 6-4. Unfortunately, after being down 3-1 in the second set, Enrique had to retire because of a leg injury.     

The Lions finished the day with a 7-0 lost against Lander University.

EC Tennis Team will host their first home match of the season on Friday 15th against Georgia College #13 in the nation. 

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