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Emmanuel College Lions

Men's Tennis Falls to Belmont Abbey

Men's Tennis Falls to Belmont Abbey

Franklin Springs, Ga. — The EC Lions was hosting their last home conference match against Belmont Abby College. After a lot of effort, the Lions lost 4-3. 

After a really big win the day before by taking down the team ranked #1 in the conference, the Lions did not have much energy left and unfortunately fell against the Crusaders. 

#2 doubles composed by juniors Lucas Sasaki and Jorge Canadas did not have any problem to dominate the Crusaders as they did not give them a chance to score and won 6-0. 

Doubles #1 composed by Juan Carlos Romero and Enrique Alcacer had a tough match as they kept the score really tight the whole match. After using their consistency from the baseline and offensive style at the net, the duo managed to broker their opponent's serve and conclude the match with a 7-5 win.

Playing #3 doubles composed by Kornel Kimagzewski and Juan Camilo Burgos also had a tough match as both of the team kept winning their serves which led them to the tiebreaker. Thanks to Kimagzewski's aggressive serve and Burgos volleys, the duo defeated their opponent 7-6.

The Lions were now up by 1-0 after the doubles. 

Playing #1 singles was the junior Juan Carlos Romero who had some difficulties to find his opponent's weaknesses and dropped the first set 6-3. In the second set, Romero kept looking for solutions and used his aggressive game style to bother his opponent which led him to keep the score tight. Unfortunately, Romero was not able to conclude the match and lost 6-4 in the second set. 

#3 singles was played by the junior Lucas Sasaki who had a tough beginning as he could not find his rhythm and lost the first set 6-3. The second set was different as Sasaki finally found solutions to bother his opponent by using an offensive game which led him to win the two following sets 6-4 6-4. 

Singles #5 played by junior Jorge Canadas was different as the Lion on the contrary of his teammate had a really good beginning of the match as he won the first set 6-2. In the second set, the Crusader used a different game style which bothered our Lion. After dropping the second set 6-3, Jorge did not manage to conclude the match and lost 6-4 in the third set. 

Playing #4 singles was the freshman Kornel Kimagzewski who had an intense match as he kept the score tight the whole time. Unfortunately for Kornel, he did not manage to close the sets in crucial moments and dropped his match 6-4 6-4. 

#2 singles was played by another freshman Thembokwakhe Makhanya who had a great first set as he quickly won the first set 6-3. In the second set, the Crusader used a more offensive game which bothered our Lion. Unfortunately, Makhanya was not able to block his opponent's shots and lost the two last sets 6-2 6-1. 

Singles #6 was played by the senior Enrique Alcacer who did not manage to find solutions at the beginning and lost the first set 6-2. In the second set, Alcacer started to be more consistent which bothered his opponent and led him to the tie break that he easily won 7-3. As the match was already clinched in favor of the Crusaders, Enrique had to play a super tie-breaker for the third set. After a lot of suspense, Alcacer concluded the tie-breaker 10-8. 

The Lions finished the day with a 4-3 loss against Belmont Abbey College. 

EC Tennis Team will be back on the road Wednesday, April 10th to face Young Harris College for a regional match. 

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