Men's Tennis Fall to Bobcats

Men's Tennis Fall to Bobcats

Franklin Springs, Ga. — The Emmanuel College Men's Tennis Team was hosting a non-conference match against Georgia College #19 in the nation. Unfortunately for the Lions, they lost 5-2 against the Bobcats.

After a busy weekend with two matches, the Lions were ready to give all the energy that they have left in them. But unfortunately, today the men's team was facing a stronger team than them that defeated our Lions.

#1 doubles composed by Juan Carlos Romero and Enrique Alcacer struggled a lot to impose their game as they were facing solid opponents, the duo lost 6-0.

Doubles #2 composed by Jorge Canadas and Lucas Sasaki had a good beginning as they were being really aggressive at the net. But unfortunately, their opponents managed to find solutions to bother them and defeated our Lions 6-2.

 #3 doubles composed by freshman Kornel Kimagzewski and Juan Camilo Burgos had a different match than their teammates as they managed to keep the score tight until the tie break. Unfortunately, the Lions did not manage to close the match and lost 7-3 in the tie break. 

 The Lions were now down by 1-0 after the doubles.

Playing #1 singles was the junior Juan Carlos Romero who had a tough beginning as he could not find his rhythm and lost the first set 6-0. In the second set, Juan Carlos looked for more solutions, but he was not able to bother his opponent and lost 6-0 6-2.

Singles #2 was played by the freshman Thembokwakhe Makhanya who took some time to find a proper game style to break his opponent. After being down in the first set Makhanya came back on the score but it was not enough to destabilize the Bobcat who defeated Thembokwakhe 6-3 6-1.

#5 singles was played by the junior Jorge Canadas who used his consistency and tried to go to the net, but unfortunately, his opponent found solutions fast to break the game of our Lion. Canadas lost on the score of 6-3 6-3.

Playing #6 singles was the senior Enrique Alcacer who had a tight first set as both of the players were winning their serve until Alcacer broke his opponent to win the first set 6-4. The second set was different as Enrique had all the solutions and used them to defeat his opponent 6-1 in the second set. 

Singles #3 was played by the freshman Kornel Kimagzewski who had a slow beginning of the match as he did not know what to do against his solid opponent and lost the first set 6-2. In the second set, Kornel used his patience and offensive game style to keep the score tight until the tiebreak at 6-6. Kimagzewski did not manage to close the match and lost 7-4 in the tie break. 

The last singles the finish was played by the junior Lucas Sasaki who started the match really well as he won the first set really quick 6-1. In the second set, Sasaki was up 2-0 and did not manage to close the second set as quick as the first as his opponent came back to the score and Sasaki was now down 4-2. Lucas came back to the score, but it was not enough and lost the second set 6-4. The third set was a tiebreaker as the match was already clinched in favor of the Bobcat. After being down the whole tiebreak, Lucas was being more aggressive and managed to come back and win the tiebreak 10-8. 

The Lions finished the day with a 5-2 loss against Georgia College.

EC Tennis Team will be hosting their next match Friday, April 5th for a conference match against the University of Mount Olive.   

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