Women’s Tennis Team conquers Valkyries for 7th straight win!

Women’s Tennis Team conquers Valkyries for 7th straight win!

Franklin Springs, GA – The Emmanuel Women's Tennis Team came back to the home courts after a strong win against the Limestone Saints, now hosting another conference Carolinas opponent, the Converse College Valkyries.

Emmanuel looked outstanding at the start of doubles with all Lions looking to attack the net as quick as possible in order to be aggressive during the points. It was on court #3 where EC earned the first point of the day though. Without giving her opponents a lot of choices, Cipriano / Silva wasted no time to get a dominant 8-1 victory. Not too much longer, Kiderlen / Raich also dispatched their rivals with a solid sounded game from every angle of the court for an 8-1 victory. Lastly, on court #1, Botella / O'Connor were having to iron things out but after getting a 4-1 lead, the Lady Lions clinched the match by 8-4 giving EC a sweep in doubles play.

The 3-0 lead was impressive, and the home team was looking unstoppable in singles play too. On court #5, the Junior Katharina Kiderlen was too solid from the baseline and with a mix of faster balls and deep and low slices, she put Emmanuel a win away from the overall clinch with an overwhelming 6-1 6-0 victory. EC got the clinch on court #2 with Pearllan Cipriano who switched gears to be more aggressive and looking to get to the net more often to quickly get a 6-1 6-1 win. The lady lions kept it going and also earned more wins on the rest of the courts this evening. First, the Senior Abi Muesse gave no chance to her foe, with a 6-1 6-0 win on court #6, on court #3, the sophomore Maria Raich moved her opponent from side to side from start to finish and got a 6-0 6-1 win, the Sophomore Victoria Silva did not drop a game and remains undefeated in conference matches with a 6-0 6-0 victory today, and finally, Fantine Botella had a great performance and with quick change of directions and smart decisions on key points gave her a very convincing win for 6-1 6-2 on court #1.

Coming up next, Emmanuel will be back on the road to face the Lees McRae Bobcats, in another Conference Event! First serve is scheduled for 2:00PM!



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