EC Women’s Tennis Team reaches 12 straight wins!

EC Women’s Tennis Team reaches 12 straight wins!

Mobile, AL – Emmanuel Women's Tennis Team traveled one last time this season, now to compete at the NCCAA National Tournament.

Emmanuel first opponent in the event was the Bluefield College Rams. The doubles matches started great for Emmanuel on court #2 with Kiderlen / Raich. The duo was on point and with some smart plays early in the match, EC took a big lead early that helped them throughout the match. The Junior Katharina Kiderlen abused of her skill at the net to keep their foes on check all the time and with the help of Maria Raich on the baseline unloading powerful forehands, the Lady Lions had to problem to get an 8-2 win. On court #1, the Juniors O'Connor/Botella had a great start but their opponents raised their level quite a bit to even the match. After an important service break at 5-3, the EC pair was on the roll. Botella held her serve with some great first serve and after not too long, Emmanuel secured a solid 8-3 win.

Bluefield defaulted their #3 doubles and a pair of singles matches that were enough for EC to take the overall win this morning.

Right after a lunch break, Emmanuel was back on the court again, now facing the Colorado Christian Cougars.

With the mindset of keeping their momentum going from this morning, Emmanuel looked outstanding in doubles play, giving almost no chances for the Cougars. On court #1, Botella / O'Connor were just unstoppable and never gave their opponents enough chance to breathe with a more than convincing 8-1 victory. Right after, Kiderlen / Raich were looking to give EC an extra boost on the scoreboard by closing the options for CCU. With a faster game plan than earlier today, the Lady Lions proved to be more dominant on important points to get an 8-2 win. On court #3 the story was a bit different and EC had to work a lot more before a third possible doubles point could happen. It eventually did after some battle at the net, but Silva / Cipriano finally came through with an 8-5 win.

The big 3-0 lead was important for Emmanuel at the start of singles action. The Junior Fantine Botella was the first one to get out of the court, after unloading some powerful forehands from the baseline for a quick but solid 6-1 6-0 victory. The also, Junior, Katharina Kiderlen clinched everything for the Lady Lions this evening with an aggressive game style that was mixed with slices and drop shots to keep her foe all over the court. After almost an hour, Kiderlen secure the win by 6-0 6-2.

Emmanuel reaches an impressive streak of 12 wins and the Team will be looking for a spot at the semifinals tomorrow where they will be tested by the #1 Indiana Wesleyan Wildcats. First serve is scheduled for 9:30AM!





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